Galvanised Palisade Fencing

Bolt together palisade systems

We manufacture a bolt together palisade system which has numerous advantages over the welded panel system. 

•   Bolt-on Palisade fencing allows the terrain to be followed so that the fence is always close to ground level. Welded panel Palisade fences are often uneven when installed on sloping ground.

•   Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily installed by semi-skilled staff as there is no welding on site.

•   Bolt-on Palisade fencing is easily transported to site.

•   The anti-vandal bolt and nut system ensure that the pailings cannot easily be removed.

•   Sections of the fence can easily be replaced if damaged by falling trees, etc.


•   The panels are manufactured in a standard width of 3 000mm.

•   Narrower widths can be assembled by simply cutting the horizontal cross members (back arms) provided to suit.

•   There are 16 pailings per panel.

•   When using the STANDARD pailings (56mm cover width) the pailings will be spaced 126mm apart (182 mm centre to centre)

•   When using the ECONO pailings (40mm cover width) the pailings will be spaced 142mm apart (182mm centre to centre)

•   Both the standard and ECONO ranges can be manufactured and supplied using either a Z275 pre-galvanised steel or in hot dipped galvanized form.


The preferred STANDARD range pailings are available in a 40 x 40 section which has a cover width of 56mm.

A narrower ECONO range pailing is also available in a 30 x 30 section which has a cover width of 40mm.

Both the STANDARD and ECONO range is available in either a 3 or 7 spike option as shown below.

The pailings are manufactured from Z 275 lock forming quality pre galvanised material in a standard thickness of 2mm or in hot dipped galvanized form upon request.

The pailings are slotted with 2 square holes that accommodate 8mm bolts


•   The cross members are manufactured from Z275 pre galvanised material or in hot dipped galvanised form upon request.

•   The section is a 45 x 40 mm angle with a lip of 10mm on both ends and is 2.5mm thick.

•   This section provides exceptional strength and does not sag like similar products where conventional angle is used.

•   The end of each member is slotted which allows for easy adjustment when connecting to the post and post bracket.


The posts are available in 2 options:


These posts are manufactured using a 76 x 76 square tube and are available in standard lengths of either 2 400mm or 3 000mm

A post cap is welded on before the hot dipped galvanising process


•   The hot dipped galvanised post is supplied with a cap already welded to the post.

•  The option of either a dome or a pyramid cap is used.


The brackets used to connect the panel to the post are available in the following options as shown below.

The brackets are all 3mm thick and have been hot dipped galvanised
M8 x 25mm bolts are used to connect the panel and post to the brackets


The standard bolts supplied are coated with a revolutionary corrosion protection product namely KAL-GARD.

This coating has been specially developed for the spray coating of fasteners to give a combination of corrosion protection and low friction properties. It is particularly suitable for the coating of offshore, marine, outdoor and other extreme applications.

This product has been used for fasteners used in the construction of ocean containers and has a 20 year proven record. More information on this coating is available on the website

•   The bolts used to fasten the pailings to the back arm are M8 x 40mm.

•   The bolts used to fasten the panel and post to the bracket are M8 x 25mm.

•   The bolts are square capped to fit into the pailing slots.

•   The nuts are snap off anti vandal nuts which can be snapped off easily using a 13mm ring spanner or vice grip once the installer is satisfied with the position of the panel. Care must be taken not to over tighten the pailings as this may result in flattening.