Hot Rolled Palisade Fencing


•   On a 40 x 40 panel, there are 16 pailings spaces 120mm apart (available in Devils fork, 3 spike or 7 spike).

•   On a 30 x 30 panel, there are 19 pailings , spaced 110mm apart (available in Devils Fork only). 

•   On a 25 x 25 panel, there are 19 pailings , spaced 115mm apart (available in Devils Fork only).

•  A 40 x 40 x 2mm hot rolled angle is used as the back arm on all standard panels.


Available in 3 angle sizes:  40 x 40  30 x 30  25 x 25

•   The thickness of the material is standard 2mm (we can also provide 2.5mm and 3.0mm according to customer specification).

•   40 x 40 pailings  come standard as Devils fork with a V round bottom or 3 spike or 7 spike with a flat bottom.

•   30 x 30 pailings come only as Devils fork with a V round bottom.

•   25 x 25 pailings come only as Devils fork with a V round bottom.

•   Pailings range from 500mm � 3 000mm.

•   The pailings are hot rolled standard angle iron.


•  Posts are capped with either a square dome cap or a pyramid cap as requested.

•  The posts are manufactured using a 76 x76 square tube.

•  Posts can be supplied uncoated or hot dipped galvanized.

•  Standard posts are supplied in lengths of 2.4 m or 3m.

•   To determine the amount of posts needed to go with your panels, add one more post to the amount of panels ordered.