ICU Fencing

Standard panels

•  30x30x2mm cold formed panels 19 palings with a gap of 110mm

•  40x40x2mm cold formed panels 16 palings with a gat of 125mm

Panels can be manufactured to be narrower in width than a standard 3.0m panel.

Arched Panels

•  A 3m x 8m arched panel ordered will have a 1.8m paling at the centre of the panel that would be the tallest paling and highest point of the panel.

•  An arched panel goes down by 200mm from the highest point.

•  If an arched panel with doggy bars is ordered, the doggy bars are welded on straight and not arched.

•  It is not recommended that a customer takes spiked doggy bars, if they own pets, as the spikes on the palings can injure the animal.